I heard a preacher tell this story, I had to look it up for myself!  If you have not heard of the story of Peter Richley, your about to hear.  Peter Richley, as a young man, left his home in England.  As he tried to get to where he was going in life, he not only survived, one, two, or three shipwrecks, but he astonishingly survived 5.  As he was plucked out of the ocean from the 5th wreck, the doctor of the ship told him of a dying English woman who was on her way to Australia to find her lost son.  The caption said she was in a state of deliriousness.  She had continued to in her delirious state to ask God to allow her to see her lost son one more time before she died.  The ships doctor asked the young man if he would pretend to be the woman's son in hopes of giving her some comfort in her last moments and Peter agreed.  The ships doctor began to take him to the dying woman's side and  he told the young man the woman's name was Sara Richley.  The young man turned white and braced himself against the rail.  The doctor asked what was wrong and the young man told him "Sarah Richley is my mother."  You see she had prayed for 10 years that God would let her see her son before she died.  There was a reason young Peter survived many shipwrecks!  God heard a mothers prayer!  Yes still in 2013 God still answers prayers.  His continued mercy has helped me be at my mother's side as she died of cancer.  He also helped me as my own husband faced a cancer diagnosis.  The doctor told me he would most likely need chemo and radioactive therapy.  Thank God he needed neither!  I recall on icy day when we were traveling home and I was pregnant with my son.  A car went out of control in front of us.  When we hit our breaks we slid, one side was a steep drop, as the car slid towards the drop, God stopped the car.  My husband was able to maneuver to the other side of the road an pulled off the road. As we sat there stunned, we seen another car coming and he lost control.  He came straight for us.  Our seat belts were off because we were checking everyone from the incident a minute before.  The car slammed into the back.  7 months pregnant I hit the dashboard right in the stomach.  Immediately a truck pulled over behind the accident.  Another car pulled over, then another.  The first man said I'm a state police, I've called for an ambulance and police.  The second lady said I'm a nurse and began to check me, the last couple said they were pastor and wife of a church in town.  The police came and our car needed towed.  They had to take me to the hospital to be monitored.  You see every thing I loved was in that car, my husband, my children, and my little dog Vicky.  God had sent the policeman to care for an ambulance and tow truck, He sent the nurse to assure me all appeared o.k., and guess what!  He sent that kind little preacher couple to take our little dog home, since she could not go in the tow truck or ambulance.  He had it all under control!!!  Let me wrap up here, as I could talk about all the goodness of God forever, but did you hear about the man that years ago was the only survivor on a shipwreck, which he found himself on a deserted island.  He was so angry at life and blamed God because he was not rescued.  As time passed he had built himself a nice little shack and the island had become home.  One day when coming back from the beach he seen his beloved hut was burning down.  So angry he asked God how could He desert him.  Didn't He see the mess his life was in.  He was a good man and was abandoned on that island and now God had allowed his only possession, his little shack to burn to the ground.  God had just forgotten about him.  That evening as the sun began to sit, the man seen a row boat approaching the island and seen a ship anchored off shore.  Astonished he told the captain how shocked he was to be found.  The captain told him that they were just going to pass the island when they seen rescue fire he had built.  So you think your life is a mess or your situation is too big?  You think God has forgotten about you and nobody cares.  Why don't you just begin to praise God.  It does not matter because your condition is not your conclusion!  God may just be sending a rescue your way!  If He went through the cross for you, if you'll just hold His hand, even if you go through the fire, you'll make it! God knows where YOU are at!!!  No matter where your at in your life your Problem is not as big as your Purpose!  God has a purpose in your life and I pray this website helped you see that prayer works.  I hope you enjoy my site, be blessed, and if you buy a pup, that's great too!



"He is perfect.  He maybe little but he thinks he is as big as the other dogs around here.  I think he is going to be the boss"

"It is obvious that he is a champion in many ways.  He handled the travel like a champion, handled 8 hours in the car like he was born to it.  Just an amazing animal.  He is a wonderful addition to our family"

"We couldn't be happier.  She is the light of our lives.  She is well adjusted and friendly with everyone.  We couldn't have imagined a more perfect dog!"

"I just wanted to say thank you for our perfect little princess"

"I have to say he is the most affectionate schnauzer I've every been around.  I believe in my heart it had to be from good parenting skills from you.  Sincerely...sincerely.. I know that all your care made him the dog that he is"

"If anyone else wants a schnauzer they will have to wait for one of yours or they will be terribly disappointed and mad at me for having the better dog. LOL"

"You have to understand I have a old vet...a man of few words.  He said that pup is gorgeous and what a great job.  Mrs B's are to thank for that""Thank you so much for the wonderful care that you have taken in her breeding.  It was so impressive to enter you beautiful home and she and the other pups are so clean and happy!  It was refreshing especially after that whole weekend of searching for the right pup and only being disappointed and saddened by the care we found them in"

"I don't know what I would do without her.  She is the love of my life.  I'm getting the itch for another"

"When it comes to that point when we get another dog, no matter where we're at, we want another one of your dogs.  He is the sweetest dog and brings us so much joy"

"I will wait for one of your dogs the color I want.  My brother has one and I just love the personality"

"I am totally floored at the generous gift bag sent home with our perfect puppy.  You really do love these babies"

"I've owned several dogs over my life, but I've never, ever had a puppy this smart and so friendly.  I can tell a lot of love and care went into our little angel.  Thanks for such a perfect little girl"

"In testimony to you folks, Madonna is the smartest, most intuitive and most expressive dog I have ever had.  As you can tell I am enamored by her.  Of course, she's beautiful with a coat like mink but her personality makes her very, very special.  She was everything you said she was and so much more.  Everything that she is today is because you fostered these things within her"

"I didn't get a puppy from you because you did not have a litter at the time and I could not wait several months.   I can't believe how helpful you were to help me find a puppy like I wanted from someone else.  Your kindness when you're not even getting anything in return is commendable.  When I'm ready for another I hope you have a litter ready because I'm getting one"

"Just staying in touch.  Can you believe that people ask me often if my little guy is a show dog.  He is more than I could have imagined and is so handsome."

"Every year our vet says he has never seen a more people loving dog.  Thanks again for this wonderful pup that makes my life complete"