We Often Have Rarer Blue Eyed Pups!!!


From time to time, we have purposedly bred pups available to homes that appreciate the time, money, effort and socialization it take to create a purposedly bred puppy. Please review the process for obtaining a pup from Mrs Bs Teeny Schnauzers on our Client Questionnaire page

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What comes with my new puppy?
1. A well adjusted, socialized, genetically sound, veterinarian checked and verified healthy Mini Schnauzer puppy
2. Age appropriate vaccinations and de-wormings at 2,4,6 and 8 weeks of age
3. Detailed shot record with dates of de-worming and high titer Neo-par and Neo-Vac2 vaccinations
4. Dew claw removal and tail docking when applicable, some may be left natural due to demand.  Dogs do use their front dew claws, not a fan of this practice, but most americans still prefer
5. Breeders Edge, the leader in healthy puppy support, Live probiotics at birth and pre/post natal supplements for moms for the best quality milk and supportive fast recovery
6. 5 year health warranty.
7. Early Neuro Stimulation program (same as used by our military for produce a better adjusted dog)
8. Appalachian Exposure Excellence Puppy Program while ensuring bio-safety (additional Appalachian Accellerated trainging training program for additional fee)
9. A generous Puppy Go Home Package, with things like a toy we have learned puppies love, which can include treat varieties for you to sample and often we may just surprise you with something cool 
10. Free 30 Day Pet Insurance Code we are happy our breeder evaluation and continued healthy puppies allow us to be part of this wonderful program
11. Lifetime support from Mrs Bs - You are part of the family
12. Lifetime re-home if needed (We have helped several families facing terminal situations or life changing scenarios) without any judgement in our Discreet Rehome process minimizing stress to all
13. Training and reading material recommendations to ensure you create the best family member ever and exclusive memebership to our Facebook Group for Mrs Bs pet parents

Once your puppy is born then a holding fee is required. You must also be approved with our questionnaire before a holding fee/deposit is sent. Once you place a deposit, that puppy is no longer for sale. Considerable effort will be made to relist the pup at an older age, along with time, therefore deposits are non-refundable. Be serious about wanting your pup. Life happens that are unforeseen and beyond our control. If you have placed a deposit on a puppy and the puppy dies you may transfer to a future litter or we will refund your money.....these are things of nature that happen beyond our control. Within our family we have vets, retired vet techs, TA to taught canine pathology at vet school, publish biomedical scientists and us who have spent 2 decades studying and learning about canine health.  We are always looking for the best policies in the US, and in European and South American countries which often exceed US practices.  There is nothing that can replace good breeding practices and working with your veteranarian for puppy health.  We have access to those that understand science and genetics.  When we buy we look for a pup from long established breeder with years experience as we have almost 2 decades, whose lineage is solid and been around long enough to have established a reputation and clientele.  We know they will be there tomorrow.  We are always happy to discuss any concerns.  A great health guarantee is the most important factor in securing a new family member.  The test of time and commitment to clients and dogs are the type of breeders we personally at Mrs Bs practice.  We love people as much as we do dogs.

Mrs Bs will not hold a puppy without a deposit.  Mrs Bs will not hold a puppy for you to decide to purchase without a deposit. Pups are sold to approved homes on a first come first serve basis.  Sometimes the pup may be there and other the entire litte may be gone once someone makes up their mind.  If you are quoted a price and decide to wait to make the deposit, Mrs Bs hold the right to change pricing at any time. Please contact to ensure the price of the puppy. Thank you for understanding our policy.

Visiting Us
What is your visitor's policy? The health of our dogs and puppies is important to us so we take every precaution to protect them. We do not allow home visits to help with deciding in securing a puppy and the first matter of business is a completed questionnaire. Statistically those who are hesitant to submit a questionnaire are not serious or there are some other reason they do no want to share basic info that is publicly availabe or their vet info.  There must be mutual trust between breeder and potentional new parent..  We have references if you need.  Have a paid for website, a Facebook page and will Facetime live with you.  We have a vet!!!  Yes we have a track record. 

Young puppies don’t have fully developed immune systems and are susceptible to life threatening illnesses that your older dog or other dogs will not be affected, including Parvo and Distemper. When diseases like Parvo strike, they can wipe out a whole litter in a matter of hours. These viral organisms can be carried on your clothes, shoes, door handles, etc. For this reason, we ask that you “visit” us online rather than in person, so that you may safely see our dogs and watch our puppies grow. We photograph or video our puppies regularly, at birth, 2 weeks, 4 weeks, 6 weeks and 8 weeks.  People Zoom, Facetime, SKYPE all day long.  It is for your pups safety.  Anyone who would put their need for a touch and feel first while risking unknowingly spreading disease we just are not a good fit.  Our pups come first.  In addition with the spread of COVID variances it also puts us at risk.  Finally unfortunately there has been a rise in breeders being robbed at gunpoint or after a "meet and greet" visit.  Your, ours, and the pups safety is always our concern.  COVID has shown us that remotely doing things is possible and has improved many things in life.  Every dog on our property has been tested Brucellosis clear as well, as this is a quietly spreading disease brought back into the country by overseas rescues and is now spreading into Canada as well which had eradicated for years.  Yes even visiting relatives bringing their dog to visit must test before visiting.  Another reason we discourage risking your dog at Dog Parks, Daycare, etc. there are too many silient diseases that are contagious on that perfectly looking healthy dogs may be carrying. 

The positive side is that you can be assured that when YOUR puppy is born, we will do everything possible to minimize his/her exposure to deadly diseases. We are more than willing to answer any questions at any time regarding your dog in a reasonable time frame. Thank you for helping us protect the health of our puppies, you understand may have just saved your puppies life!  We do not allow any other dog on the property.  We cannot allow you to test your current dog with our puppy. That's right even our relatives must follow this rule.  We try to keep a very BIO SAFE property. Our puppies never touch the vet office floor and even before COVID we waited in our car until it was our turn.  Sick dogs go to the vet!



Stunning symetrical faced beauty!  Black and white parti.  Ready 4-26-24

$1500 Pet


Regal young fellow with just a touch of white.  Ready for his home 4-26-24

$1500 Pet




$2000 Pet

Can't wait to see this fellow mature.  Blue eyes and love his markings!  Those eyes will pop against the black.  Additional pictures coming soon



Gorgeous black male.  Nice thick coat.  Reserve him now!  Ready 5-11-24



Blue Merle Schnauzer Hybrid - I just love the split face and he has personality for days!!!!

$500 to a wonderful approved home

(but if in a generous mood we can technically say Fuzzy mini EB hybrid and $4000 lol.  We will love you for it!)


Seven is a darling Blue Merle Schnauzer Hybrid.  She is absolutely heavenly

$500 to a wonderful approved home

(but if in a generous mood we can technically say Fuzzy mini EB hybrid and $4000 lol.  We will love you for it!)