We would like to welcome you to our page.  We have been breeding schnauzers for several decades and would like to tell you a little about how we believe.  All breeders have different theories and practices.  This is ours and it does not negatively reflect on anyone else's personal styles.  Choose which best fits your style for a breeder.
 Coats - There are several types of schnauzer coats out there.  Wire haired or what I call German coats or show coats, American soft coats, and supercoats, and what I call polar bear coats.  I like them all and have had them all before.  I love the high maintenance supercoats.  The problem with them though, be prepared to brush out grass, etc. when they go out to potty.  We have tried to get the coarse haired supercoats that do not  easily matt.  However the cottony soft coat will matt without brushing no matter what anyone will tell you.  You'd be surprised what a smart breeder and hairspray can do lol!  You will see people with puppies whose coats are not cut.  All puppies coats look thicker before being shaved.  Most schnauzer owners will keep the coat trimmed of all textures.  Often the wire short haired pup I think will never sell, will be the very first.  It's all a matter of taste.  Buy a dog that makes sense for your family.  How much time do you have to spend on the coat is something to consider.  Nothing looks worse than a schnauzer with a frazzled and un-manicured coat. If you buy a thick coated dog to shave it down, then why not get another of the coats that is easy to manage. The nice soft coats are wonderful for a quick run of the brush every once and a while and done.  The wirey coat to me is the least maintenance.   Want to help your dogs coat and skin, add some human grade kelp powder to their food! Also put 1 part conditioner 3 part water in a spray bottle, generous mist nightly.  They will smell great and it is wonderful for coat and skin.

Ears - Nobody can guarantee ears.  I've had some puppies in the same litter, one pup's ears stayed floppy, the others stood straight up.  I can do  a best guess based off of past puppies, but you need to consider what you prefer.  I believe ear cropping is a personal choice.  People do everything in this country and call it freedom of choice, so that's what I say about cropping.  Some ears can start to stand on schnauzers 5 to 6 months old, in some cases one up and one down.  For the most part ours lay down, but it is just not something we can absolutely guarantee.  Nature does not follow the book.

Size - The size of the litter does impact the weight of the newborn puppy.  I see many litters of 4-6 puppies "on target" to be teacups all the time.   Obviously all breeders know that if a dog has one puppy, it will be a whopper at birth, but it could still be a teacup.  Visa Versa, you could have a  large litter of 5 & 6 and on a chart they could seem to be teacups, however they will fill out much faster.  I hear all the time from people who have  purchased that 14lb teacup...  Ask to see the parents pices and if they look too big to be true ask that the scale be pulled out in front of  you!  To be fair this is unpredictable and unguaranteeable, but find a breeder who has consistently had smaller pups or larger, which ever is your preference.  I can tell you from my own experience though, the VERY SAME litter could have puppies, one turn out 4.5lb and another pup 12lb.  Both the same size at 8 weeks old.  Puppies like children are not bionic and providing an honest best guestimate is what breeders really can do and nothing more.  Life can still take over.  Don't be dissapointed, if you must have a teacup, I suggest you look for a grown pup or a pup that is 16 wks old.  I have teacups, but at least  2 of them I know was the same size as the litter mate at week 9 and one slowed growing and the other continued.  Visa Versa, it is hard to  guarantee the dog will get 9-13lbs too from 8lb parents!  I use several methods, but in the end they are all guestimates.  You should not however be purchasing a teacup that ends up 14lbs if it is teacup range at 8 wks.  It could have been underfed to keep it small, but not here sorry we love fat  puppies.  But again, nature does not always follow the rules.   
AKC, What do you think it means?  Read what it means at www.akc.org.    The AKC does its best to check kennels and ensure accurate  parentage, but does it guarantee quality of your purchase?  Can it guarantee a breeder is ethical? I can tell you from personal experience one of my  prized pets, which our married daughter had after 3 surgical procedures, was a teacup dog from a breeder whose line had 50 awards and
champions.  I've never seen so many.  When we got the dog it had so many problems our vet told us he hoped we had not paid for it.  Fortunately I have vets in the family that helped us out as well.  He turned out to be a wonderful pet, but one of our costliest dogs.  The breeder would not return a call or answer written communication from me.  I have also had "pet" buyers turn out to be dishonest breeders, even applying for breeding rights 3 years after buying from me.  They went to several vets so the vet reference I called had no idea they were breeding.  Luckily I kept all the e-mails.  So we understand why it can be scary to look for a pup online.  We will do our best to make you feel comfortable.
Buying over the Internet or Facebook:  I know buying over the internet is very stressful and these dogs are expensive.  Free 5 minute Facebook breeder signup is even more scammer heave. Here are some things to help you when looking for that perfect pet.  Make sure they have a paid for website as well that takes effort and time to keep:

  • Do they DNA guarantee their puppies parentage (females too and ask if they have ever been in an AKC initiated inquiry!  Did you know generally AKC assumes female is correct) 
  • Ask to do a live online Face to Face if you do not have personal references!  Remember breeders are pals and will talk each other up on social media.... that is not a reference!
  • How long have they been breeding?  WE HAVE BEEN AROUND SEVERAL DECADES AND WILL BE HERE, but we realize new young breeders must break in, but we buy from long term established ourselves.
  • Do they microchip them for the pups safety before leaving?  We want to make sure NO PUPPY risks ending up in a shelter or at a breeding facility so they leave chipped linked to us
  • Is this how they support themselves or supplement their income?  Yes post on FB looking for a puppy you will have a breeder shark frenzy.  I understand this but I prefer small in home breeders for my new pups
  • Do they have exactly the dog you want everytime you call or will have relatively soon?  That means there are a lot of dogs there, again I understand but that's lots of socialization, ever tried doing just one?
  • Do they have a litter almost every month?  What is the difference in an Amish 100 puppy farm and a schnauzer only puppy farm - can anyone socialize that many at a time?
  • Do they have so many dogs, the name Mother or Father Hubbard is most appropriate?  15, 20, a bunch in Guardian homes too
  • Do they have wonderful "out buildings" with the comforts for puppies?  That means comfort away from the breeder and socialization
  • Do they not stick their nose in YOUR business with an application.  These are little lives and they trust us to ensure they are going to a good home.
  • If your looking for that small concerned schnauzer lover that is trying to enhance the lines and still open for progressive breeding color and enhancements, that's the balance we provide.  

Everyone has their right to their opinion, Thank God for America, although special interest groups think they shouldn't, so I'm not criticizing any person when I say this.    We feel that there is a point of return when raising dogs, where shear numbers make it impossible to give that personal attention.  I also realize for every show dog winner, that breeder had how many puppies that didn't.  Do your homework!  Puppies are as demanding as kids.  How many could you raise at once.  If you want socialized, freindly, healthy and just plain happy dogs, find a family raised pup!  We have limited quantity, but strive for quality.  They are kissed daily, held, and given the  upmost attention.  That will go with them for the rest of their lives!  And, I can tell you with just a few, like babies, they eat and poop, then eat and poop, then eat and poop! Just one litter at a time is WORK, WORK, WORK to keep the poop cleaned, when mom turns that task over to you!   WORK, WORK, WORK.  Make sure your not supporting the practice of making a little dog's life miserable and unloved, for someone to say their many puppies are socialized. Think of the little mommie and dads out there as well.  Do they too get to have a quality life.  Sorry, that should be important!  Yes we have our couple of rescued dogs, but that is the problem there, I also see people with pets and unplanned pregnancies take the litter to the rescue only to be producing a litter in 6 months.  No accountability.  Our current US model creates the demand for unplanned and chronic resources versus fixing the problem.  There is an estimated $300B cheap dog industry that loves this!  It also makes people feel good about themselves, but what has it cured.  This business model works so well we import unplanned dogs and diseases. I love all puppies, it's not their fault, but there is also nothing wrong with wanting a planned, healthy pup, from a known line.  Compared to the masses a planned pup addx very little to the overall US dog population and potentially a lot less to your pocket book over time.

Breeders - O.K. this is going to cause me hate mail!!!!  I've seen some breeders who claim to be improving the breed, only to see them selling "lots" of dogs for dirt cheap for the buyer to "start" a breeding business on a agricultural site!!!  Very depressing those poor dogs lived in a  kennel only to more than likely be sold to an even less caring puppy mill!  Enhancing the breed should not come at a cost to a little dogs happy
life!!!!  I know there is a lot of validity why breeders have a bad reputation.  I've had my experiences too, so I know your concern is valid.  I also wish that pet  owners who allow their dogs to get pregnant and produce the thriving "adoption" industry would get under control.  Most purebred dogs that end up in a shelter are already spayed/neutered or there family had life changes, like death of owners, aged owners, lost, etc.  I recall looking for a purebred pet once and I  was told the list was long.  So we are selective as well. You may ask, well isn't it prestigious to get your name out  there on the pedigrees?  Not really to us.  Our goal is to share the love of the breed.  We want to treat you the way we wanted to be treated when we had breeder issues!  We really want our puppies to be treated like their mom & dad was, in a nice warm home full of love!  We most certainly are not going to be trashing other breeders. I can proudly say I've never surfed the FB, the web or puppy sites to lecture or criticize someone else's dogs, breeding style, or other efforts.  I hear too much, not standard colors, not standard sizes,....  And ask on Facebook about a breeder, you will get tons of "red flag" etc.  Facebook has made real and scammer breeders and breeder trashers posing as "approved breeder" areas just as fake.  I know a person who had 10 puppies over 3 years.  Had top vets and an anti breeder group flagged them in a fake FB accounts as "overseas scammers."  They were going to every breeder, farmer who had livestock they sold, etc. and adding to fake account after account they would create after one would get shut down as a valid "Approved Breeder" page.  It's absolutely crazy out there.  I've often wondered, can a mean spiritied person have sweet dogs?  I wouldn't risk it!  I don't have alot of tolerance for this type of unethical human behavior.  There is so much wrong doing in the world today, find something else to do!  One of our wonderful young men or women died for freedom probably while you were reading this.  What type of person has time to criticize someone else because they don't like something about their dogs.  It won't be me doing it!  Again, "mean spirit, nice dogs?"  I'll pass on them! 

Male vs. Female - "Oh no I would never own a male, they spray and females don't"  This is not fact.  Females dogs may also mark.  Yes it does take some effort to ensure no marking.  Marking increases when you pet is not spayed or neutered.  So the American way is to neuter your male very young, which can impact the health of the dog.  New scientific studies show that complete bone development takes 18-24 month depending on size and breed.  This early neutering or spaying caused many of bad hips and bone development for years in the US.  It's outlawed in some European countries unless medically necessary.  Hormones are robbed as pups, although as humans age they advise hormones for a better quality of life.  These same organizations in the US that support early spay and neuter fail to point out that in the US Food industry, in one of the fattest countries with some of the worst health issues, our same brands of food are sold different in foreign countries because many ingredients are illegal or there is so much sugar what we view as bread has to be sold as cake or a simple sausage in the US could have 5X the sugar as the same brand sold in another country.  So do your homework.  We do not support early spay and neuter.  It's not scientifically sound and the other big reason it reduces the risk for cancer is miniscule.  Would you alter yourself or child because yes it could reduce the risk of prostate or cervical cancer to remove as children.  It is directionally sound, but morally no doctor is going to do it.  The benefits of natures hormones outweigh the risk.  Be inconvenienced with a little more work on potty training.  Other things to note,  where there is another dog that has urinated use products that breakdown the urine.  Bleach only mask and actually has similar chemical reaction to dogs as a urinating spot.  Also dogs may mark to compete with each other on dominance.  Tiny dogs have a higher tendency to mark than larger dogs according to some.  Now as far as agressiveness and attitude, look at the wolf pack.  Who is the dominant one?  Also look  at marriages, who usually runs the roost ;)  Same goes in the dog world.  To me it is better to have 2 neutered males, or a male and female, than  trying to introduce another female into a female dominated home.  It can work, but may take work.  Females are also very loving but want their  independence too.  A little male, wrap him around your heart and he wants your every whim and second.  Folks are shocked when they take home that little guy.  You'd be shocked how many times they want another male!!! 

Testing - I don't think anyone can disagree we have been one of the first to start testing the toy size for PRA A when it was $100+ for one test.  We also started DNA testing most of our females as well due to parentage concerns that we encountered.  I have seen an increase of testing, which is a good thing.  However, it should be noted I'm definitely seeing an increase in pricing.  This can be misleading.  I do believe you should pay more for a puppy who has had parents or itself been tested.  On the other hand I am seeing dogs priced hundreds more and being listed as "free to you."  Not so sure this is quite being up front, it is more included in the price.  Anyone who has had puppies long enough and tells you 100% of their puppies have been problem  free are just not honest.  However, you do pay for what you get, either up front or big time at the vets.  Puppies are living beings and could have  some type of problem during it's life.  That does not make it a bad breeder.  100% of our being comes from genetics, but that does not make it a
 congenial defect if you get bad eyes, cancer, etc.  Dogs are like humans, they're alive.  Looking for the bionic dog, they don't exist. 

 T-cups - Some breeders note that they don't breed teacups because they are their vets worst nightmare.  Well most likely their dogs are their vets worst nightmare.  Our vets have told us "It's nice to see such nice puppies" and "you have some of the nicest schnauzer puppies around."  Over  the past years like the pomeranian, the poodle, the yorkie, and other breeds, the schanuzer has selectively and purposely been bred down for those of us who love toy and teacup size dogs.  Our last teacup dog was raised with my kids and even around to see our eldest get married.  She is now gone, but we think of her often, our beloved Miss Victoria.  A good breeder that has solid teacups and toys generally has excellent dogs.  We don't  recommend teacups to those with small children.  For their safety and so you don't have a broken heart.  Children dropping puppies is a leading  cause of puppy deaths!  You need to also remember, just because a sire or dam is a teacup, that does not guarantee their puppies won't be large!  I heard of one teacup that has 12lb pups! Same for larger dogs, they may consistently throw teacups, but they could throw you a 16lber too going back into the gene pool.  If size as an exact science is your need, I highly recommend buying a 6 month old pup.  Anyone who tells you they can accurately predict using the various methods, including what we use, just is wrong.  Its a guestimate.  If not, ask them to put it in writing and guarantee it.  It is also
no secret smaller dogs have more problems with bites, hypoglycemia, and luxating patella.  If you decide you want a tiny version of the breed, you should be aware that you could have to deal with those issues during the puppies life.  It does not make a bad breeder, its just the physical nature of the dog.

Colors - There are alot of talk on Schnauzer colors out there.  Such as whites came from Wheaton Terriers or Parti's came for other breeds, etc.  ANYTHING can be put on social media FACT or FICTION.  It is a fact that in 1907 when the color standard was set that only 3 colors were  allowed.  Other colors like white, ticking, brindle, etc. were disqualified.  Breeders used to destroy non-conformance puppies.  Do you really think even today that a show breeder would tell anyone they had a puppy that was a non-conformance color in their line.  NO!!!!  Without the modern DNA testing there just is no accurate data that can 100% prove these colors were eradicated.  As many US breeders worried less about AKC conformance and more about smaller size and any color, these rare genes surfaced, and if you trace many today back they can go back to the
same few dogs that surfaced with the old colors.  If you only believe what you read on a breeder social media website, or at the other end of the dog spectrum you're in trouble.  Now could colors have been snuck in, yep.  But that is true of what is called pure colored, darker black, more abstrat Salt and Pepper.  Every breed of dog has merles nowadays.  Yep schnauzer merles started with either Pomeranian or Austrailian Sheperd genetics in the blend.  However buy the dog you want, not what someone who is not paying for your dog says.  That's how I buy my own new pups.  I get what I like, the color I like, the size I like and from the breeder I like.         

Shot Knots - Occasionally a puppy will develop a shot knot from a vaccine or microchip.  This is not a defect and not uncommon.  The body is made to react to insertion of foreign objects.  If you've ever had a child maybe you remember that knot on the arm after a vaccine.  You would  eever allow a physician to biopsy your child (or I hope not!) after a vacinne.  I do not support doing this to a small pup either.  I have never had a
a pup whose knot didn't go down after a few months.  There is the exception, I had a little gal who got one from the vet's rabies shot.  It never totally went away.  She never got another one subsequent rabies though.  Don't ever put a puppy through a painful biopsy, unless the knot last for  over 3 months only to be told it is benign.  You've wasted money and also tramautized your new puppy.  If you prefer not to risk a shot knot, we will not sell un-microchipped or un-vaccinated pups, please work with someone that will allow you to bypass these crucial steps, we won't.  Remember challenge your vet just like you would your doctor.  Good dialogue makes the best doctor/patient relationship.  Did you know that America has some of the most over vaccinated dogs in the world?  What was the difference in the 1 or 3 year rabies shot?  Nothing, except you
gave your pet the same shot 3 times over the course of 3 years.  Also it should be noted that in some rare cases the hair may fall out due to mild allergic reactions where the shot was given.  This may or may not grow back.  

Diet and Treats - We Americans love our treats.  We have treated ourselves to literal death.  I recall taking our male schnauzer to training and using the cookie method.  The diarreah we had for a week!!!  His little stomach could not handle all the change.  Schnauzers can have  sensitive stomachs so it is important that you don't over treat.  One or two small treats a day are enough.  We break our tiny treats into small
bites to last through the day.  Also break your NuVet supplement into tiny bites as a treat.  That tiny little gourmet steak doggy dinner you decide to give your dog as a treat could bring on a bout of pancreatitis.  Remember that dinner only looked good to you over their "boring" kibble ;) Consistency is the best diet for your little dog!  A matter of fact, some of the very rich dogs foods out there can also cause puppies to
keep loose stools and super high proteins schnauzer kidney stones.  We believe in the balanced approach, a good food, with some holistic treats, creates a financial and practical balance for
families.  We use fresh fruits, vegetables and meats as toppers in small quantities.  Or even hollistic puried baby versions.  Squeeze a tablespoon on top for extra nutrition and natural taste.

Merle and Blue Eyes - The Merle gene is a submissive gene that in it's own is not harmful.  However there are breeders out there in breeds that want to test the waters by breeding two merles and producing puppies with two of these genes and they knowingly do this to get rarer mutations of colors.  This is a NO NO.  This can risk of having some puppies in the litter or whole litter with birth defects.  Now there is a battle out there of people who are totally against the Merle.  This is also true of hard core breeders that think there should only be 3 colors of schnauzers, the German established colors.  I have seen social media talking about schnauzers with pictures of deformed puppies that are not schnauzers puppies!  I've seen the same double merle bred dogs on other social media sites, propaganda.  It's your pet, you decide.  Love them!!!  Now comes the Blue Eyed Schnauzers.  There are all kinds of accusations on the internet and again, these schnauzers are registered by the AKC.  Unless you have DNA of every parent in the lineage, there is absolutely no way to tell if there was another breed entered in that lineage.  Before DNA it was the honesty system and if you look at man kind's history let's say that is a major flaw even today.  So again, it's your pet, you decide what you want.  I personally love them all!
Fads - Yep even in the schnauzer world there are the "hottest" thing and yes that means you will pay more money as the demand gets higher.  Again, that is up to you, it's your pet.  I personally have some of my favorite schnauzer colors and others I don't like at all.
What Else?   Now when it comes to dogs there are a lot of things to cover.  Please feel free to ask me any questions.  If I don't know I'll be glad to  research with you!  I personally don't like to put comments on behavior traits, because every dog, even in the same breed is different, but just ask  we can help you find an answer or at least try!  I'm not going to tell you what color your dog should be either and if you want to call light liver Champagne go for it!!! This is your new family member and it's  your choice.  I will tell you how to care, love, and cherish one of our beloved pups!  That is my responsibility to them.

WHY SCHNOODLESjQuery2140012535875211161174_1686017451393?? - Many do not know we had bred a very few high end poodles with a stud that had champions from 3 different countries.  Excellent, stunning and wonderful dogs.  Also the dog of choice at the time for our son, which also became our schnauzer nanny and watchdog.  It just made sense as people asked why don't you have the occassional schnoodle that we incorporated it into our program.  There are several types of schnoodles.  Now keep in mind dogs are not pies, genes just don't work that way.  At a high level though an F1 is from an Poodle and a Schnauzer parent.  Our F1B is from a F1 Schnoodle and a Schnauzer parent.  We keep both shaved in the traditional schnauzer cut and absolutely love them.  It has taken us a while, but when we do it, we may be small but we like to do it mighty!