Adopting an older dog is not a TRIAL since we offer to take back our dogs if it does not work.  Too many people think they will get an older dog and magically they go in their home with no adjustment.  Although I have had situation where the do never went potty in the house, it will need to adjust to your home, so we recommend confinement and routine.  We even had a dog that was going in the new owners house and as soon as we talked I told them she was used to an outside playpen to go potty because she was smaller.  They bought the playpen and as soon as they did, she went.  Inside potty stopped.  So no, they have been used to their den.  They don't look at our home as this is the bedroom, bath, kitchen, etc.  They know what door to go out of and they have their favorite potty area.  They will need to do the same at your home.  Also, if you have another pet, they may pout a week or two, just because your little baby is upset you brought in a new puppy is not a valid reason to not let things adjust.  Would you adopt out a new baby because your 3 year old was jealous?  These are some of the ridiculous stories we've heard over the years.  Finally these have been pets as well, raised inside.  They are let outside to play and are crated when we are gone.  I would not leave my grandchildren at home unattended, certainly I do not our little canine family members.  They could do something that could upset you and harm them.  We are big believe also in playpens when going to be gone long hours.  If you plan to toss in the backyard as the family pet, please don't contact us.  P.S. If you have another dog, making that dog still #1 will make an easy transition.  They get their food first, get greeted first, if they new dog takes their toy, take it and give it back to them.  Let them know they are still loved and in charge.  If they pout, I've never, ever had someone call me and say this will not work if they waited 2 weeks.  I always hear, even with a puppy after 2 weeks, inseparable pals!  So just like a new puppy you are committing to an older dog.  This is not your trial to see if you'd like to have a dog, nor will it be that you will get a dog and won't have to do a little work.  You will do less work than raising a puppy for sure!

Our dogs have a short breeding life and are spayed/neutered before going to their new home.  Mostly our extended family members.  We have been blessed to meet a few wonderful families who are enjoying our little canine pals.  Thank you and keep the pictures coming!


Stunning one blue and one brown cream parti

$400 with Neuter and Dental (if needed) - Will consider small breeder $1200




Absolutely stunning parti with ticking for days!

$400 with spay and dental (if needed)